Ever since we founded E-cuestre Ride for Living in 2008, the biggest challenge we faced was to convey through a website our extensive experience in developing, manufacturing, and marketing high quality equipment for the various equestrian activities, which was especially based on our passion for horses. It has been more than 10 years since we have launched our e-commerce brand and we are proud of the trust that our customers, riders, equestrian clubs, professionals, saddle fitters, dealers and representatives around the world have been placing in us. This confirms that we are going in the right direction. However, we know that we are part of a highly competitive and demanding sector. Therefore, innovation became our continuous challenge and the development of new materials, natural leathers, saddle designs, equipment, and accessories for the different equestrian sports became our DNA. We count on a solid team formed by professionals, designers, master saddlers, and riders, who makes the best handmade designer products possible. As a result, we can offer greater comfort for the horse and the best performance for the rider.

Our aspiration to continue improving our services and developing new products has no limits. Therefore, in early 2019 we began to develop an ambitious joint project with HBC Europe and the recognized saddle brand and manufacturer, HBC Horse Brand Company. The latter includes an extensive line of accessories and saddles for the most diverse equestrian activities, which can be 100% customized online by our customers on the new BESPOKE section at E-cuestre. Besides, we count on the technical assistance from our Saddle Fitters’ team regarding measurement, morphology and musculature of each horse needed for the development of the best saddle. We invite you to discover our passion in a brand-new website. Here you will find a wide range of equipment, saddles, and fine leather accessories with the excellence of the finest products handmade by master saddlers.

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